Guest categories

in line with Ministry of Education regulations on the use of accommodation facilities under the Foreign Services House

1. Category A

a) Czech and foreign guests (travelling on official business) of the following: the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYC), the Czech School Inspectorate (CSI), structural units of the state and partially state budget-funded organisations) established by the MEYC. (In the case of foreign guests, under articles 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 of Ministerial Directive no. 48/2009 on ensuring a standard procedure when receiving foreign guests and delegations, ref. no. 27 612/2009-10(90).);

b) participants at international seminars and conferences organised by the MEYC;

c) participants at Czech and international educational events organised or co-organised by the MEYC or organised by the CSI and organisations established by the MEYC;

d) Czech and foreign students, pupils and staff at secondary schools and institutions of higher education, provided an agreement on accommodating students and pupils has been signed between the Centre for International Services and the relevant secondary school or institution of higher education in the CR;

e) employees of the CSI, structural units of the state and partially state budget-funded organisations established by the MEYC, travelling on official business.;

2. Category B

Other guests.